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A Historical past Of Display screen Printing

Signs, billboards, flyers, posters, and customized T-shirts are all created utilizing an historic technique called screen printing. Lengthy earlier than Gutenberg invented his printing press, folks were transferring pictures and designs onto garments using display screen printing. In this article we are going to focus on the lengthy historical past of this widespread small quantity t shirt printing technique of printing.


Display printing existed before the Common Period. The process originated in China over two thousand years ago. On the time, printers and artists used hair and natural supplies like leaves and grass to create intricate designs that they would then switch onto garments. Believe it or not, the approach hasn’t modified all that a lot in two millennia.

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Of course, printers don’t use their very own hair anymore. But they do use a mesh display screen that has been attached to a wooden frame on which a stencil or design has been connected. The ink or paint is then instantly utilized to the design and stamped onto the garment. Display screen printing stays a remarkably efficient and inexpensive technique of printing for small businesses.

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