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Aural Fixation: RIP Mixtape

Isn’t this cool?” I mentioned to him, holding up the t-shirt. It had come as part of singer/songwriter Martin Sexton’s pre-order bundle for his new CD, Mixtape Of make your own t shirt print The Open Highway. An inventory of tour dates skated down the backside. On the entrance was a cassette tape rendered in retro-distressed fashion. He stared at it for a couple of seconds and made a snuffling sound.


“That does not make you feel outdated?”

“Live performance tees by no means exit of fashion, baby!”

“No,” he said, nodding to the entrance. make your own t shirt print “Tapes. Mixtapes. A sure generation has no clue what those issues are.”

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I thought of this and first thought I refuse to permit the term “sure era” on this home. THAT makes me feel old. However, then I realized he was proper. The mixtape is a rarefied artifact, and i miss it mightily.

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